There are people who love music and then there are those who breathe it. Beyond The Front Row (BTFR) is for them. The fans who understand what it means to venture beyond the front barricade—letting every aspect of music pour into their soul. Led by Erik Zachary and a team of music journalists, BTFR gives fans a direct connection between the headlines and the music industry itself.


Erik Zachary

Host / Creator


Erik Zachary is a Television Host, Radio Personality, Producer and Director. Known for hosting MTV’s revival of TRL as well as multiple radio shows across the iHeartRadio Network, Erik’s lifelong passion for music has curated his position as a respected authority of music news.

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Racquel Goldy

Correspondent/Social Media Director


Racquel Goldy is a popular radio personality, web host, reporter and producer. Most recently heard on Revolution 93.5 (Miami), Racquel has also received acclaim as Pre-Game Show Host for The Florida Panthers (NHL), as well as the face of the BB&T Center's digital event productions.

Trace Hamilton



Trace Hamilton is a songwriter, actor, and known radio personality from Chicago, IL. A lover of live music, no matter the genre. Works best with a beer or whiskey in hand.


Op-Ed Segment Reporter


JRDN is a Chicago radio personality and all-around avid fan of music and entertainment. Always down for a good time and will probably make a joke out of anything, JRDN is the guy you wanna grab a drink with, have next to you on a beer pong table and someone you’d gladly introduce to mom and dad. 




Jax is a morning show host in Raleigh, NC but was born and raise in Chicago. He’s been in the music industry for over a decade and has an opinion on EVERYTHING.